American Work Adventures Program

American Work Adventures provides Host Employers with qualified international staff for  seasonal or temporary job positions. We carefully interview and select our participants, choosing only those who are motivated and ready to partake in an adventure abroad.

Since 2007, we have been devoted to providing top-level service in work and travel adventures. We recruit from several different countries and have placed thousands of young adults with seasonal employers throughout the United States. As a result, AWA is one of the most recognized exchange programs in the USA and abroad.

American Work Adventures gives international university students the chance to experience the US as a community member.  Interacting with Americans and other internationals on a daily basis, gives our Participants a first-hand view of our diverse and multifaceted nation. Depending upon a Participant’s university schedule, they may be eligible to travel in one of the following three seasons:

  • Winter Program: November-April (up to 4 months)
    Students from Southern Hemisphere
  • Spring Program: February-May (up to 4 months)
    Students from varied countries
  • Summer Program: June-October (up to 4 months)
    Students from Northern Hemisphere

American Work Adventures takes pride in being able to provide one-on-one support for your specific hiring needs. Our dedicated team has years of experience in international staff recruitment and program administration. You can always expect a fast response, professionalism, and a can-do attitude from American Work Adventures.

Why choose American Work Adventures?

  1. We listen to you! We place participants that will be best fit for your needs as the employer.
  2. Each of our participants have been screened for proficiency in English language and suitability for the program.
  3. This service is completely free for Host Employers.
  4. 24-hour emergency phone support for the duration of the visa period.
  5. AWA is always there to help support you and the participants for the best cultural exchange.
  6. Employers have a tax benefit for hiring J-1 participants.
    • Employer’s only pay into federal and state taxes because the J-1 candidates are exempt from Federal Unemployment, Medicare and Social Security. Therefore, employers do not have to pay for FICA and FUTA when hiring a J-1 SWT participant.

If you would like to work with AWA, please email info@workadventures.org