Social Security & I-94


No more than 10-days after their arrival into the U.S, Students must go to the nearest local Social Security office and apply for their 9-digit Social Security Number.

NOTE: Students MUST provide their Host Employers with their 9- digit Social Security Number. Students should be advised that they should NOT leave their Host Employer unless they have provided their Social Security Number! 

Students will need to bring the following documents when applying for their Social Security card:

Students must acknowledge that:

  • They should not apply for their Social Security card unless they have completed their Arrival Check-In AND received confirmation from AWA that their Arrival Check-In has been validated in SEVIS.
  • It is their responsibility to complete their Arrival Check-In in a timely manner, so they will be able to apply for their Social Security card.
  • It is their responsibility to arrange transportation to the nearest Social Security Office, so they can apply for their Social Security Card.
  • It is their responsibility to check on the status/processing of their Social Security Card application. This will require them to visit/call the Social Security Office where they originally completed their application. DO NOT call AWA as we cannot assist Students with their application status.
  • They understand that failure to submit their Arrival Check-In, nor having their visa validated in SEVIS before applying for a Social Security card may result in their Social Security number being delayed for up to 12-weeks or more.
  • They will need to obtain a receipt of their Social Security application and provide a copy to their Host Employer for their records.
  • Once they receive their Social Security Card, they must show it to their Host Employer, so they can make a copy for their records.
  • AWA can only advise about problems encountered in the process of applying for a Social Security number. STUDENTS MUST COMMUNICATE with the Social Security office directly regarding any concerns they may have.

Deferred Inspection Sites

If it has been more than six weeks and a Student still has not received their Social Security Card, they should contact AWA. AWA will then check their record in SEVIS and try to determine the issue. If AWA does not find any errors, it indicates that a clerical error ocurred when their I-94 admission was completed.

If the Student’s information has been entered incorrectly, they will need to visit the closest Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Deferred Inspection Site, or a Port of Entry (POE) that has a Deferred Inspection office, to have their admission corrected.

Click this link to obtain the list of all 70 Deferred Inspection Site locations:


AWA Participants will need a copy of their I-94 (record of admission) for employment authorization (Form I-9), as well as, when you apply for your social security number. Go to this link: and on the right hand side of the page click "Get I-94 Number now."