For most Students, visiting a foreign country or living abroad is nothing short of life changing. Having the chance to live, breathe, eat, and sleep in a faraway place is an experience that offers tremendous personal growth. At AWA, we believe everyone should enjoy the chance to spend time abroad; however, Students must also understand that the U.S is made up of many different colors, peoples, cultures, and groups. Students must be open and flexible to all persons and things!

Before deciding to complete their program application, Students should:
• Research the different states: Each state is different! If a Student is from a big city, they most likely will not be okay with the slow, country life of a small town and vice versa.
• Get some advice: Students should seek the advice of a trusted and wise mentor, who has lived in or has visited the U.S, to discuss their expectations, fears, and curiosities.
• Not let their excitement and anticipation overshadow their rational judgment. Students need to set realistic expectations! Life in the U.S can move fast and be lonely. Students need to understand that it is solely up to them, to follow the rules and regulations of the program, as well as, taking the initiative to have a successful and positive program.