Culture Corner

The J-1 exchange visitor visa was created for the primary purpose of enabling cultural exchange between the U.S and other nations, thereby “building mutual understanding between Americans and people of other countries.” Cross-cultural exchange activities are an essential part of the J-1 exchange visitor program and our continued ability to sponsor exchange visitors, enrichens the communities where Students reside.

Students wanting to be a part of AWA’s SWT program must:

  • Participate and report their participation in cultural events and/or volunteer activities for the entire duration of their programs.
  • Participate in any Cultural or Volunteer Event(s) sponsored by AWA or their Host Employer and report their participation in their Monthly Check-Ins.
  • Acknowledge that they will not be paid for their participation in AWA or Host Employer sponsored Cultural or Volunteer Event(s), but they will gain a better understanding of the community in which they resided.