American Work Adventures (AWA) is a J-1 cultural exchange organization specializing in cross cultural programs that promote tolerance and global understanding.

Our departments are composed of: Face the World Foundation and Education One.

AWA is designated by the Department of State to be a sponsor of the Work and Travel program (SWT), J-1 Visa Program. The SWT J-1 program allows international university students to work in the USA for up to four months. In addition to filling seasonal staffing needs, the students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of the USA – giving them a greater understanding of the American business environment, while gaining a sense of independence by living on their own and returning to their home country with rich memories and a better insight into the values of a democratic and free market economy.

We work closely with our partner agencies overseas to facilitate a beneficial cultural and work exchange experience. AWA has helped hundreds of employers with their seasonal staffing needs as well as the J-1 students prior to their departure and while they are in the USA.