How to Apply

Student participants start their process by identifying a partner agency in their home country. The partner assists then students in preparing their application, obtaining required application documents, and in evaluating their English language proficiency and job skills.

The overseas agency forwards the participants applications and required documentation to our national office. Our headquarters staff will book a Skype interview with you to ensure that your English-language skills are adequate to succeed in working in an English-speaking environment for a summer. Then our staff will match your skills with the needs of our host employers. Once a match is made, you will be sent a job offer to consider. Once you accept job offer, you will be placed in that job and can start making visa and flight arrangements.

J-1 SWT Participant Qualifications

  • Students must apply with an AWA Overseas Partner
  • Students must complete an in-person interview and an English level assessment with an AWA Overseas Partner in their home country
  • Participants must be enrolled as full-time students at an accredited University in their home country
  • Students must complete a pre-departure orientation with their home country agency
  • Students must have sufficient financial resources to support themselves for the first several weeks in the US
  • Students must be between the ages of 18-27 years old
  • Students can not have any pre-existing medical conditions due to insurance restrictions
  • Students must be mature enough to handle the challenges that come with working and living independently in a foreign country