Full Placement Option

Full Placement Option

American Work Adventures works with several Host Employers throughout the United States, who offer a wide range of work experiences to our J-1 Participants. All AWA Placement Host Employers jobs are vetted by the AWA Headquarters office and are subject to availability and your eligibility to meet minimum hiring criteria.

Before you accept a  job offer with an AWA Placement Host Employer, make sure that you have carefully read over all important information about the job before agreeing to it. If you have questions, please talk to your country office before signing your job offer.

Housing for Full and Self-Placement Participants

1.)  Unless your employer provides or arranges housing, you are required to make your own housing arrangements.

2.)  If your employer offers housing, it is usually on a first come, first served basis. Regardless if you arrange your own housing or it is arranged through your employer, you may be required to sign a lease and pay a deposit usually amounting to the first and last months rent.

3.)  PLEASE NOTE: If you locate a Self-Placement Job Offer, you will be required to provide details of your housing option(s) before AWA will accept the job offer. Your safety is important. Therefore, it is mandatory that you provide your housing option(s) and selection to AWA before entering the USA.

4.)  A lease rental agreement is generally binding. Be sure you read the lease agreement carefully, BEFORE signing it. If you leave your housing without the proper 30-day notice to your landlord, rent and/or deposit may not be returned in the full amount or at all.