I want to welcome all our Students to our work and travel program.  AWA is  committed to providing you with a cross-cultural experience that will expand your knowledge, your friends and hopefully yourself.   This is a travel adventure that is unlike most others.  While on this program you will be able to immerse yourself into American life, as well as, do seasonal  work in a vetted American company to help cover some of your costs.  It's a great way to improve your English and also learn how to budget your funds and live more independently.  Your safety and well being are our biggest concern so I ask you to prepare carefully for this adventure.  Please read all your materials.  Most importantly, be prepared when you arrive so you are well informed about your insurance,  community, housing and transportation.  Cherish these adventures as they are part of the foundation on which you will build your future; and in building your future you also bring the promise of a brighter future to our world.  At AWA, we hope to match talent with opportunity so we can help make some of your dreams, a living reality.



Mary Kass